1onOne Catering

1 on One Catering

This work was completed pro bono for Simplfi Australia.

The 1 on One Catering site was created to digitise the catering service that 1 on One Espresso provides to Canberra and surrounds. Built through Shopify, the site was customised to meet all of 1 on One's requirements through the ordering process. Shopify was chosen as the platform due to it's versatility in order management; essential when dealing with large catering orders.

The layout chosen was simple, allowing easy navigation and operation for customers. Catering options were divided in to collections for convenience to customers.


The cart was customised with additional fields, made compulsory for customers when checking out.


Customised Order Notification (sent to customers) removing Shopify layout and branding; unique-to-order additional fields and Terms of Service added in.

1onOne order notification


March 8, 2018