Berrän is a project I've been working on since December 2017.

This project came about from a desire I had to create a brand where I could design, market and sell a product where a percentage of sales were returned to local charities and not-for-profit organisations in Canberra, ACT.

Berrän (beh-raahn) is labelled as a small accessories company. 20% of all sales (not just profits!) go to local Canberra charities I've found that I'd like to support, both as a young male and a Canberran. I love Canberra and love the idea of giving back - so why not create a brand where both the customer and the community benefit? The first collection is of one wallet design in two colours - and as these are created using a synthetic leather, they’re animal friendly. The packaging for our first collection is recyclable, minimising Berrän's impact on the environment.

I've undertaken the following tasks in setting up Berrän from scratch;

• Product Design
• Web Design
• Photography
• Social Media content creation
• Social Media engagement
• Advertising
• Marketing



December 15, 2017